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Pulled from the archives of the "Webs Worth
Watching" Newsletter...

"The Internet is Filled with Millions of FREE, Time-
Saving, Money-Making Tools and Resources...But
Do You Know Where to Find Them?"

(Keep Reading and I'll Tell You...)

Date: December 18, 2002
From: Ryan Deiss

"It all began back in November of 2001..."

I was completely unkown then, and for good
reason - I hadn't done a single thing on the Internet.

But all that was about to change...

On November 30th of 2001, I launched my first
issue of the "Webs Worth Watching" Newsletter,
and never looked back. Each month I rounded up
the best sites I could find and sent them out to my
subscribers. So far these sites have included:

Free, bannerless webhosts to use when testing
your new mini-sites and products (#1)
Tried and tested link trackers so you know which
ads are pulling well, and which ones are not (#38
and #2)

Spy tools that are great for keeping tabs on the
competition as well as the latest trends on the
Internet (#5, #6, #75 and #82)

Incredibly low-cost voicemail services that can add
an instant level of professionalism and trust to your
online business (#9)

Free utilities that add spice and usability to your site
(#11, #17, #26, #73 and #95)

And much much more...
And guess what?!

My subscribers absolutely loved it! Here's what
some of them said...

"You provide a quality newsletter that is honest,
open and valuable in content..."

I subscribe to hundreds of newsletters. Why?
Because I look for value and content which I
consider important to maximize my business. I end
of deleting most of them or unsubscribing. Yours
gets read. You provide a quality newsletter that is
honest, open and valuable in content. Keep up the
good work. its refreshing to get a newsletter that
has your subscribers best interest at heart and you
can quote me on this.

Robert Lunsford


"Delete It? No Way..."

I enjoy your entire newsletter each issue. Out of all
the newsletters I subscribe to, Site Sightings is
always well worth reading because of the useful
information you publish. Site Sightings helps me
stay on top of the latest online news, products and
services. Delete It? No Way... I might miss out on

Keep up the great job in 2003!

Steve Strickland


"You really care to send the very best..."

I love the newsletter. You always have sites worth
checking out and you personalize the content we
read. The very fact that you spend so much time to
investigate the worth of the sites you present in the
newsletter tells me you really care to "send the
very best" :-) I took the time to give you this
testimonial because you take the time to care about
your readers.

Thanks for a great newsletter.


But that's not even the tip of the ice burg. I've also

Step-by-step tutorial sites that generate FREE,
personalized blueprints for starting an online
business (#77)
Websites that allow you to look back in time and
see the changes their competitors have made to
their sites over the past months or years (#80)
Expired domain finders that have personally helped
me locate thousands of dollars worth of high-
quality domain names (#65 and #83)
FREE legal advice websites (You never know
when these may come in handy, but they've
already saved me $100s in legal fees.) (#59)
FREE website monitoring services that send you an
email as soon as your website goes down. (This is
a great way to keep tabs on your webhost.) (#19)
Email translation sites and accounts that enable you
to communicate in any language (#13)
Completely FREE autoresponder services that also
don't put those annoying ads at the bottom of your
emails. (I used these when I first got started and
they saved me a lot of cash.) (#10 and #46)
and there's still more that I don't have the space to
go into here...
Then, starting in January after my 3rd or 4th issue, I
began receving loads of requests for for access to
my Archives. (Many were from new subscribers
who couldn't stand not knowing what they had
missed.) At first my plan was to put all my issues
on a password protected page and charge $47 for

But then I got an even better idea...

I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be easier if all my
sites and articles from year 1 were bundled
together in an ebook?" Of course it would?! Not
only is an ebook more organized, it's also
downloadable so you don't have to logon to the
Internet everytime you want to read the Archives.

So with that decided, I compiled all the "Websites
Worth Watching" and "From the Trenches" Tips
from my newsletter and called it...

"99 Websites You Should Have Bookmarked...But
Probably Don't"

(Plus 8 "From the Trenches Tips" Every Online
Business Owner NEEDS to Read)

It's 41 pages of pure content, and like my
newsletter there's no fluff or long boring articles -
just the tools you need plus tried and tested quick-

"OK Ryan, I Simply MUST See These Sites. What's it
Going to Cost Me?"

At this point you're probably asking yourself, "So
how much is this report going to cost me?"

Well that's the good news...

At $47 (which is what I planned on charging for it
all along), "99 Sites" would be a bargain. In fact,
just one of the sites in the report could easily save
you twice that much over the next few months.

But since I want this report to spread like wildfire,
I'm going to price it so low that you'd be crazy not
to at least take a look at it. How low? Well at
$14.97, I think you'd agree that this is an offer too
good to pass up.

But I'm not finished yet...


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